Student Services

Student Orientation

Library IIIAt Excel, we understand that the school environment is different and may be intimidating for some. To that end, we offer an orientation session to students who are admitted to our programs to inform them about what the experience will look like, our policies and expectations, and the support system and the resources we have in place to ensure their success in their respective programs.


All students attending Excel Institute are entitled to an initial advisement prior to attending classes and should receive follow up advisement if the school deems it necessary.


At times, some students may need some extra help. Those who come forward or are identified by their instructors will have the opportunity to participate in tutoring sessions at no extra cost to them during their course of study.


Our students have access to a physical library on campus and they will also have the right to use a password provided virtual library to log on to different databases either on campus or at home at no extra charge.


We currently have liability insurance that covers each student while they are completing their clinical externship at no extra charge.

Career Skills

We are a career-oriented institution, so besides receiving hands-on knowledge, our students will have the opportunity to learn about resume writing, mock interview and career portfolio.

Excellence Award

To keep our students motivated, we instituted the Dean and the President’s List Awards to recognize the highest achievers every study cycle. Therefore, students who score 85 to 89 will be on the Dean’s List and those who score 90 or better will be on the President’s List. Each student who made either the Dean or the President’s List will receive a certificate of achievement and a medal from Excel Institute to reward them for their hard work.